​Networks are the backbone of your office communications.

Without them, everything comes to a grinding halt. Office productivity slows right down, and not a whole lot gets done. Just as bad as having a down network, having a network that is sporadic or slow can be just as detrimental to your overall productivity.

At COMPUTER PROFESSIONALS, our mandate is to provide you with the best solution that will ultimately result in increased productivity.  Whether it’s by designing and implementing a custom network, or fixing/upgrading an existing one, we ensure that the backbone of your office communications remains intact.

With more than 30 years’ experience in IT support and computer service, COMPUTER PROFESSIONALS has the expertise to provide you with a reliable and efficient IT environment, so you can focus on your customers.

Our network services include:

• Network Design & Implementation
• Router Setup and Configuration
• Network Security
• Wireless Setup
• VPN Integration and Setup
• Remote Access Setup

Your network should be most reliable asset. We can ensure that it is.  Contact us now to find out how we can help you.


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Computer networks allow computer users to share information such as programs, company documents, other software and hardware.  This process of communication can be setup with either wired or wireless networks and they can be secure and easy to use.

Managing a network, large or small, can be a challenging task.  COMPUTER PROFESSIONALS has installed and managed business networks for over 30 years.  Our experienced technicians capable of deploying complicated solutions, and resolve any network support issue.

We have network technicians and analysts who work with the hardware of networking such as switches, bluetooth devices, printers, ethernet equipment, hubs, patches, panels, and computer cables plus the software side including Windows Server, Exchange Server, Microsoft Office and other network software. In order for the network operation to be successful, all of these items need to be installed correctly.