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backup and recovery

Let's get you back up and running!

When disaster strikes, a good backup strategy enables you to get back to business quickly with a minimum of loss due to down time or lost staff productivity.

The vast amount of data businesses accumulate now can be staggering.  We have industry proven solutions for your storage, backup and recovery needs.  From top vendors to best practice built solutions, we ensure your data is safe and secure so you never miss a step.

No business likes to think about loss of data or technology resources but it needs to be a major focus in your ongoing IT Plan.  Data is valuable and you should have a firm plan in place that lets you know where and how often information is backed up, as well as the time needed to restore.  The nature of your data and style of business will determine many of the factors around a good backup plan.  COMPUTER PROFESSIONALS  works with clients, developing backup and recovery plans that work.  From incremental imaging to full off-site backups, we plan, implement, test and monitor to ensure backups are reliable.  A disaster recovery plan, once in place, will give you the peace of mind to focus on the parts of your business that provide opportunity and improve productivity.

Offsite Backups

A comprehensive backup strategy will include resources to protect your data in the event of a disaster such as a fire, flood, or theft.  Modern technologies allow us to keep a current "replica" of your critical servers and workstations off-site in highly secure data centres, ready to "spin-up" and start working at a moment's notice.  If your business relies on your information systems to keep running effectively, this fast response to disasters can be critical to it's survival!

Server Imaging

Current backup technologies allow us to not only restore deleted or damaged files, but make fully functional "images" of critical systems.  These images contain not only data files, but the entire operating environment of the protected server or workstation.  This makes recovery from ransomware attacks, file erasure or hardware failure much faster than old technologies!

Backup Monitoring

Constant monitoring and potential issue alerts ensure your backups are working.  Analysis Reports on demand to show declining drive space and other concerns.